The day is designed as a lapping day, a test/tune day, and to shake down your race car. This is NOT racing.

The event is open to street cars and race cars.  Competition license is not required except in Group 4. Drivers of all skills and abilities are welcome, limited instruction will be available. Drivers will be divided into groups based on experience.

Each session will be 20 minutes.


6:30 - 7:25am - Registration & Tech Inspection
7:30am - Mandatory Driver's Meeting for groups 1,2,3 Roll Call will be taken.
8:00am - First Session on Track
8:30am - Group 4 Driver's Meeting


  • Helmet: Snell SA2010 or newer
  • Clothing: Natural Fiber Long Pants and Long Sleeve Shirt, Closed Toe shoes.
  • Ages: Must be 18 or over to participate, with valid license.
  • Roll Bars/Cages: Required in any open top car without factory rollover protection.
  • Passing: Only in designated areas; based on run group and only with a point by.  Competition Licensed drivers in Group 4 may pass anywhere on track. This is not racing!  See below for more details.
  • Seatbelts: Minimum 3-Point Required (OEM belts are considered 3-point).
  • Safety Inspection: All cars must pass a safety inspection. It is your responsibility to assure your car's condition. Bring the completed self-tech sheet with you to the track.
  • Instruction: Instructors are available but are usually limited since they are volunteers from the advanced groups.  When registering, please indicate if you would like an instructor.
  • Competition License; Group 4: Drivers & vehicles must meet all w2w safety preparation.  Full nomex, SA helmet, harness systems, rollover protection, etc.


Register online at or by mail only, no entries accepted at track.  Registration Deadline is [TBD] at 11:00 PM Central Time. No refunds will be issued after 7 days prior to the event. Register early, space is limited to assure a safe event and maximum track time.

To mail in your registration, you must print out the entry form, and send it to the registrar accompanied with a check made out to MSCC. Registration without payment will not be accepted. Send Registration to:

Track Day Registrar
Madison Sports Car Club
PO Box 14376
Madison, WI 53708-0376


No refunds will be issued within 7 days prior to the event. This event has limited capacity; your registration reserves a spot for you.

To receive a refund, you must send a written request to MSCC’s mailing address, postmarked no later than 7 days prior to the event.  If the event is on a Friday, your request must be in the mail on Thursday the week before.  Your refund will be the event price minus a $10 processing fee.  The processing fee covers the loss we take due to online registration fees, mailing and accounting.

Send refund requests to:

Madison Sports Car Club
PO Box 14376
Madison, WI 53708-0376

Refunds will be issued approximately 2 weeks after the event date.

Driver Eligibility

Driver must be 18 years old and have a valid state issued driver’s license.  License must be presented at Tech.  Driver’s participating in Group 4, must also present a valid competition license at Tech (MC, SCCA, NASA, etc).

General Information

The chief steward of the event may modify, add to, delete from, or grant exceptions to these regulations at any time.

Driver Safety

Drivers must wear long sleeve and long pants made from natural fibers and closed toe shoes.  A Snell SA2010 or newer helmet is required.  Factory installed 3-point belts or higher are required.  Roll Bars/Cages are required in open-top vehicles without factory roll-over protection. Drivers & Vehicles in Group 4 must meet safety requirements as specified in the Midwestern Council GCR for wheel to wheel competition.


Car numbers will be assigned on a first to register first assigned basis. MC permanent numbers will not be honored. Numbers must be on both sides of the car, of contrasting color, at least 6” high, and not made from shoe polish or marker.

Run Group

MSCC reserves the right to change your run group based on experience and to balance the groups for a safe and fun event. Moving to another run group is only permitted with the approval of the event chair.


Passing will be done with a point by for each car passed.  Passing two cars at once is unacceptable.  Drivers passing without a point by will be black flagged.  First offense you will sit out the rest of the session, second offense you will not be allowed back on track.  This is not racing. If a driver is faster than you in the corners, let him pass you in the straights. You may have to lift.  Black flags will be issued for not letting faster cornering cars by on the straights.

Passing zones are described in the drivers meeting for each venue.  All passes must be fully completed by turn-in point of the next corner.

Group 4, competition licensed drivers, may pass anywhere on track. Point-bys are highly encouraged.


No passengers will be allowed except those designated as an instructor by the event chair. The only time more than one person is allowed in the car is if one of those people is a designated instructor.  Instructors may take students in their car or ride along with students.


Instruction is limited. Instructors are volunteers from the advanced and competition run group, appointed by the event chair.  We expect instructors to assist new drivers with learning the line and basic driving technique for a session or two.  We respect that our volunteer instructors are at the event to enjoy their own track time as well.

On-Track Behavior

Front windows must be down. Honor the blend line when entering the track. Watch your mirrors and corner stations.  You will be black flagged if you aren’t paying attention.  Not all corners will be manned. When exiting track, put your left hand (making a fist) out the window and up in the air to signal you are slowing down and stay to driver's right on the track.  Exit the track using the designated pit row only.  There may be other exits on the track but they are emergency only exits.  If you have an off-track excursions we will bring you into the pits to chat with the steward.  Multiple off-track excursions will end your day.

Emergencies on track will result in the session immediately being ended.

Flags On-Course

Yellow: Stationary or Waving. Incident up ahead.  Slow down, no passing until the next manned station.

Black: Driving infraction. Proceed to pit lane immediately.

Blue: Faster car is behind you, let them pass.

Yellow/Red: Debris on the course. Drive with caution, be alert.

Checkered: End of session. Finish your next lap and exit track through pit lane.