High Speed Autocross (HSAX)

Timed run at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

No pylons, no parking lots

High Speed Autocrosses (HSAX), also known as Time Attacks, are timed events that take place on road courses such as Blackhawk Farms and Gingerman Raceway.  MSCC usually hosts at least two each season.  These events are sanctioned by Midwestern Council (MC) and include their own points championship. MC Autocrosses/TimeAttacks are run against the clock, instead of against other cars, just like Parking Lot Autocrosses.  However, they are run on wide open race tracks, not on parking lots, so the driving experience is as exciting as wheel-to-wheel competition.   Lap times demonstrate your skill and developing expertise.

High Speed Autocross is pure driving excitement. All you need to have is a valid state driver's license, to be 18 or older, and to wear a Snell SA2010 or newer approved helmet. In addition, your car must pass a tech inspection for safe mechanical condition.

Cars are assigned to classes based on performance potential and level of preparation, so you run against similar cars for event trophies and a season points championship. Classes range from exotic high-performance and fully prepared race cars right through economy commuter and sports cars.

The emphasis is on "Run what ya' brung" and have fun lots of fun!

Below is an example track map for a high speed autocross timed run at Blackhawk Farms Raceway

The colored lines on the map below represent the following:

  • Yellow line = Grid area where you will wait in line to take your timed run.
  • Red line = Full 1 lap timed run
  • Blue line = 1/2 lap cool down and exit at the back side of the track.
Blackhawk Farms HSAX Map